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Psychetronica 4 Warm Up Empty Psychetronica 4 Warm Up

Post by yenjs001 on Mon Aug 16, 2010 3:34 pm

Hey guys..
There's an event created by Psychetronica Adelaide this Thursday!
It is free entry and will have a lot of new art forms on display!

Date: Thursday 19th August
Time: 7pm - 10pm (so you can all catch your busses)
Venue: Format Building, 15 Peel Street Adelaide
Theme: If you can, come wearing some sort of eyewear (glasses, sunglasses, monacles, anything do to with the occular!) as a mini-costume theme!

Live Music by:

7.30pm > Sun_Hands
8.00pm > Kendall Francis
8.30pm > r . d o m a i n
9.00pm > Red_robin
9.30pm > Rick Moreira

Live Art by Steve O'Connor plus guests

Communal art by you and everyone around you

Communal animation: Stacie Reeves and Steve

Live VJ by Levon Hudson plus Luke Toop and guests

Generative Art Architecture courtesy of Andrew Butler

Ustream at

Television coverage by Rachel Murell and Channel 31

They are also changing the layout of the place to make it a new space for celebration!

More details available (soon) at this blog (had to use the artist one for now..)

Enjoy! cheers =)


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