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Post by Laick001 on Tue Jul 06, 2010 2:58 pm

Click on the "Spoiler tag/bar" to reveal the answers to the questions ! note that you should understand that we cannot provide ALL the details to you, therefore these are just for guidance enough to kick start on what you'll need to know. You would definitely need to go and ask the relevant parties more information yourselves. afro

We would like to stress that we are not responsible for any loss, damage or any inconvenience caused by our information.

1. What are the first things that needs to be done when I arrive ?

- Settle your accommodation first (contracts and stuff, check if everything is fine)

- Get your bank account, Settle your phone so that you can call

- Get your basic necessities (bedding, adapters, etc.)

- Order your OSHC card at https://www.oshcworldcare.com.au/ (use your Uni PC if you don't have internet yet)

Go to Students > Order a new membership card. (it will post/mail it to your accommodation)

The Policy Number that you need to type in is your UniSA ID number.

- Get your internet

- Get to know your way around.
2.What are the available accommodations in Adelaide ?
IMPORTANT : Before getting started on looking at the accommodation choices, first take a look and understand the Rental Terminologies and the rights and responsibilities of you as a tenant.

However, the info provided in this link is quite general and might not apply to all accommodations therefore you must be at all times careful, be sure to read and understand your contract and terms & conditions before proceeding in signing the contract.


These are the usual accommodations that most of the Malaysian students frequent.
(Click on the name of the apartment to direct you to its individual topic)

Adelaide Tower Apartments



Tobin House

Ipad Apartments

Bent Apartments

UV Apartments


East West Apartments

City West Apartments

Adelaide International house (Chinatown)

If you're thinking of a cheaper accommodation or looking for a different experience, you can opt for accommodation in the suburb, however, it could cause inconvenience as you will probably need to take a bus to Uni or to the city to get groceries. (Insert Suburb agent contact)

If all else fails, try http://adelaide.gumtree.com.au/ or through other property agents and do a manual search for accommodation, but students are advised to exercise extra caution in dealing through websites like these. Beware of possible scammers.

However, according to South Australian law, potential tenants are required to view the unit before signing the lease agreement or before submitting the bond payment. Therefore, it would be problem for you to secure a unit via Australian property agents when you are still in Malaysia. For more information email kelvin.yeoh@unisa.edu.au or +61 430 830 005.
3.What banks are available in Adelaide ?
To open a bank account, students should bring along their Passport, Student Visa, Student Card and Confirmation of Enrolment (of the Uni)

(Click on the name of the bank to direct you to its individual topic)

Australian New Zealand Bank
Commonwealth bank
National Australian Bank (NAB)
Bank SA (South Australian Bank)
Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Corporation
4.What Internet Service Providers are there ?

If you're using a Naked plan (which means wireless and does not require a traditional phone service)(And it is usually what students use over here). Guess what, it is not unlimited access to the internet as you will be allocated a quota depending on the package that you chose, the higher the quota, the pricier it is.

If you go over your quota, your connection will either be shaped (your connection slows down) or you will be charged extra from there onwards. here is the FAQ that I plucked out from the Adam Internet website.

What happens if I go over my quota?
After reaching your allocated quota on an ADSL service, your service will be shaped to 64kbps. Your service will remain shaped until your next billing month at which time you will return to full speed. Please note that when you are shaped, it will be across all data allocations and times.

I haven't reached my quota in downloads, why am I shaped?
With each Adam Internet ADSL account, you will have several different quotas. You will have a data allocation on each of those quotas that is equal to the data allocation of your chosen plan type. If you reach the data allocation for any of your quotas, your account will be shaped across the board. Data allocations will usually include; Peak, Off-Peak and Uploads.

(Click on the name of the service provider to direct you to its individual topic)

a) Naked DSL
Adam Internet
Telstra (Bigpond)

b) Mobile broadband
3 Mobile
5.What Mobile Phone services are there ?
IMPORTANT : Students need to have evidence for address verification (example: rental contract) to register for a mobile phone service. Another way is to request a bank statement during your bank account application to be eligible to sign up for any phone plans (basically, get a bank account in Adelaide first). Please bring along your student card, Visa ,Passport and Confirmation of Enrolment too, just in case.

3 Mobile
Lebara (Cheap international call back to Malaysia landline at 1 cent per minute (Prepaid SIM)
6.What Transportations are there in Adelaide ?
Before you go on to anything else, please read this ! It covers basic information for all your 'getting around' Adelaide needs.

Once you're here, to purchase tickets or to ask more information about transportation, visit
the Adelaide Metro infocentre !

Adelaide Metro Info Centre
Corner King William and Currie Streets
Adelaide SA 5000
Opening hours : 8 am - 6 pm Monday to Friday 9 am - 5 pm Saturday
11 am - 4 pm Sunday

Where can I buy metro tickets ?
Tickets can also be bought from most
- Convenience stores such as, K-food.
- Newsagents ( a shop that sells stationeries, magazines, newspapers)
- Railway Stations
- Adelaide Metro Info Centre
- Bus Drivers and Tram Conductors.

Note : - Tickets can be used for buses, trains and trams.
- Trams are free within the city, once the trams goes out of the city, students must validate/punch their tickets. (UniSA is within the city, so it is free to get to the Uni by tram.)

You can rent free bikes in Adelaide as well ! (as long as you obey the law)
7.Where can I get cheap basic necessities/household items ?
The Reject Shop
Rundle Mall Central
112-118 Rundle Mall Adelaide 5000 SA
Phone : +618 8223 5177

Cheap as Chips
Southern Cross Arcade Shop 14,
52-62 King William Street, Down the escalators, Adelaide
Phone : +618 8211 7300

Harris Scarfe (Depending on promotions)
Branches are located in
Adelaide City
81 Rundle Mall, Adelaide, SA, 5000
Phone: +618 8203 4444
Opening Hours : Mon-Thurs 9:00-5:30 Fri 9:00-9:00 Sat 9:00-5:00 Sun 11:00 – 5:00

Marion Shopping Centre
297 Diagonal Rd, Oaklands Park, SA, 5046
Phone: +618 8377 3822
Opening Hours : Mon-Wed 9:00-5:30 Thurs 9:00-9:00 Fri 9:00-5:30 Sat 9:00-5:00
Sun 11:00-5:00

Chemist Warehouse (For Shampoos, Lotions, Medicine, Body Wash)
Adelaide Central Plaza Lower Ground Floor 100 Rundle Mall ADELAIDE, SA
(Down the escalators)
Phone: +618 8227 2700
Shop 2 72 to 80 Grote St Adelaide, SA
Phone: +618 8211 9977
8. Where can I find a pharmacist ?

Chemist Warehouse

Adelaide Central Plaza Lower Ground Floor 100 Rundle Mall ADELAIDE, SA
(Down the escalators)
Phone: +618 8227 2700

Shop 2 72 to 80 Grote St Adelaide, SA
Phone: +618 8211 9977
9. What does the Australian plug points/power sockets/electrical outlets look like ?

They look like this !
FAQ - Getting Started Plug
10. I need to see a Doctor !
Globe Medical seems to specialise in providing medical care for international students living in Adelaide,
I suggest you go and check it out if you need a Doctor's advice.


And remember the health cover that you paid before you came here ? it will come in handy as it will cover part
of the cost, and you will just need to pay the difference/gap


But first you would need to have an OSHC card, which you would need to order from this website

Go to Students > Order a new membership card. (it will post/mail it to your accommodation)

The Policy Number that you need to type in is your UniSA ID number.

It is vital for you to carry this card at all times in case anything happens, it is proof that you are an OSHC holder.
11. Important phone numbers that should be in my phone ?

Non Emergency Telephone Numbers

131444 - For non-emergency police attendance
1800 500 911 - Campus Security (24 hours)
8232 7372 - Globe Medical (Phone for appointment)
13 22 11 - Independent Taxis
13 22 27 - Yellow Cabs
13 10 08 - Suburban Taxis

Emergency Telephone Numbers

000 - Police, Ambulance, Fire (ask to be connected to whichever department)

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